Bitcoin Delivery Times and Transaction Fees


We ran a fee-free service for months, but now we have to start charging for our service as the reality of hundreds of thousands of hits on our web server and our ability to pay rent on our retail location in New York City has sunk in.
We still believe in the powerful potential of cryptocurrency and want to help as many regular folks obtain Bitcoins as possible.
Thanks so much for supporting us in our mission!
coincafe, Dec 2014

Bitcoin Delivery Times and Fees

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(Also, email us for our preferred service plan for high-volume clients.)

Method Coin Cafe Fee Bank Fee Delivery Time
Bank Transfer
Good for investors and international users
1.49% and up $20
*$50 international
Same Business Day
Bill Pay 1.49% and up $3 Same Business Day
Bank Check
1.49% and up $3 2 Business Days
U.S. Postal Service Money Order
1.49% and up $3 Same Business Day we receive your payment
Priority Service Available
Cash in Person 7.90%
+ $39 appointment fee
- Immediate in New York City
Mail-in Payment
7.90% - Same Business Day we receive your payment
Priority & Saturday Service Available
Sell Bitcoins - $15 2pm ET cutoff for Next Business Day

Storage Fees

At coincafe we want our users to follow virtual currency best practices which include storing your virtual currency in a wallet under your control. coincafe is not intended to be a long-term storage solution for user virtual currency.
Any coincafe account with a balance will be charged a monthly storage fee of 0.002 BTC typically on the 1st of the month (approximately worth $128.63 at the current market rate).
To avoid a monthly storage fee, please transfer your bitcoin out of your coincafe account to another wallet.
For further details, please see our Terms of Service.
If you have any questions regarding storage fees, please contact customer service.


1. Can I get a refund?

Sorry we do not issue refunds on buy or sell transactions. This is due to the irreversible nature of Bitcoin. You are welcome to sell your bitcoins to us.

2. When will I receive my coins?

The delivery times in the table above outline when you will receive your bitcoins. Also your order instructions page with have your delivery time clearly indicated.

Confused? Need help?

Just contact us below and we'll answer any questions you might have and guide you through the process.

Please note that customer service is currently by email and text only.

Text: +1 (917) 444-5458
Call: +1 (347) 454-2646 (COIN)
Monday-Friday 10am to 5pm ET

100% US-based Customer Service.
*Courteous clients who express themselves well in writing go to the front of the queue.


Mailing Physical Cash

Delivery DateTime (local)Priority Fee
Same Day11:59pm-
Same DayASAP$39

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